DSW Shoe Wareouse

I went to DSW Shoe Warehouse for the first time today. Let me tell you, it is just like the commercial. Quite a few women roaming around, eyeing all the 50 million pairs of shoes. (Famous Footwear has nothing on them.)

I was looking for a new pair of soccer sandals. I had just tried on a pair of Adidas flip-flops – cute, but not quite right – when I spotted the pink-striped Adidas soccer sandals I had been wanting for like a year! They were waiting 2 rows over. But of course, the aisle was blocked by some teeny-bopper and her mom. Hello! Don’t stand in the middle of where everyone is trying to get through. That’s when the commercial kicked in. I had to figure out the fastest way to get over there. If I walked down the aisle I was in and then over, that was too far out of the way. Teeny and Mom still blocked the most direct route. I turned right and there was just a free-standing rack to get around. I moved around it, and Teeny and Mom started to come my way, so I walked a little faster to get to my shoes. I was laughing to myself by the time I got there.

Best of all, they had only 2 pairs left, and they were BOTH for my size-11 boat feet!


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