The Fall of the Roman Empire

An oldie but goodie, definitely worth repeating!!!

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Here are the most interesting parts:
… excessive indulgence and decadence by the upper class, at the expense of the state and the rest of the common people.

… changes in climate which caused a decline in agricultural production, driving up prices (ie. global warming)

… “class wars” between the rich and the poor caused much tension within the empire.

… waves of plague and disease spread through the densely populated cities, killing huge amounts of people and disrupting economic production and social stability (ie AIDS and cancer among other diseases)

… Slavery was another economic problem, with slaves doing much of the work, benefiting the upper class, while the common people were out of luck (Dorrington). Since there were few jobs for commoners, most lived in poverty (ie. illegal immigrants working for low wages)

… To top it off, the patricians in Rome imported huge amounts of luxury items from distant lands, and Rome was importing far more than it was exporting. This huge amount of money pouring out of Rome caused a large trade deficit

… Finally, huge amounts of corruption in the government bureaucracy caused much discontent among the people, as well as economic losses


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