Yoga Toes

YogaToes are one of those things you see in the back of a magazine and think, “Yeah, right.” And once you look up the price you think, “No way!”

What are YogaToes, you may ask? They are like the toe separaters you get for a pedicure, only thicker and more sturdy. They separate your toes and feel *won*der*ful*.

What’s the point of YogaToes? They help stretch out your feet and can correct things like hammertoe and bunions. YogaToes have helped straighten out the toes on my right foot. They are totally goofy to wear, but from the very first time I put them on I felt sweet relief! I knew they were working after the fist week when I was able to stand all day at school in my sneakers and the bridge of my foot didn’t hurt. Now I can actually see that my toes are not all smushed.

If you are having trouble with your feet, I highly recommend YogaToes! Try to find two other people to go buy with you, then the price is much more reasonable. ($33 a pair instead of $50!)


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