Chinese Horoscope

Had a good laugh yeterday at lunch with my teacher friends. We were at a Chinese restaurant and they had the Chinese horoscope animals on the placemats. I said, “Oh, I’m an Ox”, then looked up and we all started laughing because it goes so well with being a Boulder.

So, I guess I need to explain about being a Boulder. Two years ago, I was called into the Principal’s office for the umpteenth time that year because I’m a “boulder”. It was explained to me that when new things are introduced (to which I replied, none of the initiatives they’re trying are new to me – I was doing them 8 years go in Phoenix!), some people jump in (cheerleaders, which I most certainly am not, thankyouverymuch), some people are interested, and then some are immovable boulders. Apparently I’m a boulder because I thought 2 of our professional development meetings were a waste of my time.

*moment to process*

So now it’s a running joke amongst my friends that I’m a Boulder. After a while, we upgraded me to “Pebble.” I said, “Yeah, I guess I can be kicked around now.” LOL


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