Quitting Soda

I used to be a Pepsi Girl, but I haven’t drank soda in eight years. (Unless you count root beer, which I don’t. ;-)) I had stopped drinking it for a few months at a time before that, but for some reason this time it stuck. I drank lots of water and soy milkshakes.

Some time later, I asked for tea at a fast food joint, but they gave me Coke – and it was nasty! I couldn’t believe I used to drink so much every day. When I worked at the college bookstore, I’d get a 44-oz Pepsi in the morning from the mom-and-pop 7-11 store next door, and I’d get another at lunch or on the way home. (Hey, it was a 5-cent refill if you saved your cup. ;-)) I was addicted.

Then when Vanilla Coke came out I wanted to try it because I love vanilla and also cream soda, but I was afraid. I was actually afraid that I would get hooked on soda again! One day I was at my parents and there was to drink, so I tried it. Disgusting. I gave it to my dad. (He’s like Mikey in the Life cereal commercials – he’ll eat anything.) So, I was safe.

Until I started getting root beer at the Wawa soda fountain. But yesterday it was too sweet and gave me a stomachache. Time to quit again!


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