Dorm Room Checklist

My cousin Julie is starting college this fall, and she sent me this text today:

O and I am going to start my dorm shopping, but idk what I need and what I don’t. Any insider tips?

I gave her some ideas, and she replied:

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond today to find a new alarm clock (mine just died) and I saw sooo much stuff, but I didn’t know what I needed and what I didn’t! So I appreciate it 🙂

I had forgotten the alarm clock. Shows how important getting up on time was to me!

So we put together a list. Now, it’s been a long time since I started college (almost half my life ago, eek!), but I did my best to remember what I needed.

  • You will need sheets and a comforter. Try to find out if beds are just plain twin or twin extra long. You might want a body pillow or one of those back-support pillows if you sit on your bed to do work.
  • Towels and washcloths, robe, flip flops/slippers
  • Even if you have a bathroom in your room, you might want a shower caddy to hold your stuff. Definitely a plastic one. I had this huge Caboodle one that was like a bucket. It could store stuff in the bottom and had a tray to hold the stuff I used on top.
  • A few dishes and bowls, silverware, esp for cereal.
  • Laundry stuff you got, right? 😉 basket, hamper
  • Hangers for your closet.
  • A little lamp for your desk
  • A good dictionary
  • You’ll need to think about how you are going to take notes – looseleaf paper and folders, notebooks, etc.
  • Ooo maybe a bin for keeping snacks like crackers and goldfish so they don’t go stale?
  • Maybe a little fan, too? If you can’t control the room temp, it can get hot and stuffy.
  • Oh you know what else? Dumb stuff like scissors and a stapler, or a ruler. You never realize how much you use scissors til you can’t go in the kitchen drawer whenever you need them!! 😉

Anything else? Let us know!


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  1. Hi! Interesting blog post! Packing for college is so overwhelming! You should let your cousin know about this really helpful site I just discovered called “”. Its actually a 3D virtual room creator! It could be really helpful for her! Hope this helps 🙂

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