The Feline Patient

Lily had surgery yesterday. She had a cyst on her chest that had been drained last Winter; the vet said if it filled again, it would need to be removed surgically. I took her in on Tuesday to have it drained, but the vet wanted to operate ASAP. They had an opening on Wednesday, so I left her there overnite.

Lily went a little crazy when I got her home. She wanted the cone off so badly that however she was jumping around, she knocked the cat carrier off of my bed – while she was still in it! When I finally got her out, the cone was off, but still attached by the string around her neck. Her front leg was stuck through the neck opening, and I was pretty sure she was strangling herself. Panic City! I really didn’t see how I was going to keep that cone on her for the next fourteen days.

So I asked my sister for the fabric cone she had for her cat because I thought it might be less annoying for Lily. She got it off in 2 seconds. She was struggling so much, her incision started to weep, which totally freaked me out!! Then I remembered seeing her collar tangled in the plastic cone when it was hanging off of her head, and I thought maybe the collar would fit through the loops where the gauze string was. It did, and it didn’t choke her, but most importantly – it stayed on!


She stumbled around, running into everything in sight. I couldn’t decide if she was still high or the plastic was messing up her depth perception. (Like when she tried to jump on my bed and went straight up and straight back down. It was really sad – yeah, as I busted a gut laughing.) Then I realized she was looking for things to rub it on or catch it in (like the litter box door, clever!) to pull it off. She just wouldn’t sit still. She wouldn’t let me hold her either so I put her in the bathroom til she calmed down.

It was hysterical watching her try to eat this morning. I was concerned that she hadn’t drank any water, so I mixed some wet food with her normal dry. She was so hungry, she kept jumping up to get in the bowl and to eat what was left in the can. (I only give her half at a time.) I get freaked out when she jumps because I really don’t want to see what a popped staple looks like! When I put the bowl down, somehow she maneuvered the cone right and was able to get to the bowl. When she came up for air ;-), she kept hitting the bowl when she tried to eat again. She flipped out, hitting the cone against the bowl, scratching at the cone with her paw, and jumping around, all at the same time. I was laughing too hard to help her quickly. 😉 She figured it out though, smart girl!


Lily wore the cone for 24 hours straight, and she was doing so well with it that I started to feel bad for her. It must be so annoying! After she ate, she couldn’t wash her face; she couldn’t scritch her ears and went nuts when I figured out she wanted me to scratch her chin. I decided to take the cone off for a while, so long as I could see her if she tried picking at her wound. She didn’t. Good girl!

Lily spent the day sleeping on my bed. She didn’t even try to come out of my room! She is being really lovey and recuperating well. Yay. 🙂


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