Cleaning is good

It’s amazing what you find when you clean out your car. It’s been months (and months) since I cleaned out the back seat, and who knows when the last time the trunk was emptied. 😉

Here’s what I found:

  • my atlas
  • original earbuds for my iPod; I had bought another pair
  • unopened Bon Jovi CD that I already have (Bounce – it says it’s a special double CD?)
  • Phillies bandanna
  • laser cut, mirror-like Phillies license plate I bought for the front of my car before they were even in possible contention for the World Series
  • bottle of B&BW Sweet Pea body spray, still in the little bag
  • form for unclaimed property from 3/15/07 (50 bucks from APS)
  • renewal form for the Education Honor Society that I was thinking about just this afternoon
  • missing snow brush
  • folder on my biggest pain-in-my-ass student (actually parent) that I wanted to write about
  • a bunch of scrapbook paper
  • four skeins of Moda*Dea fuzzy fun yarn that I do remember buying on clearance
  • pack of Thank You cards that I’ve been looking for – they say Thank You in a bunch of different languages. Merci! Grazie! Arigato! Okay, three foreign languages. No Spanish?
  • SIX reusable grocery bags that I never use, and how many do I need anyway?
  • Medusa picture that I show to people when they don’t believe my hair is naturally curly medusa

What’s missing? The jack that’s supposed to be with my spare tire. (Which finally got put away under the floorboard, probably just in time to need it again!)


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One response to “Cleaning is good

  1. Julie

    Haha, that’s great! And the picture was priceless, although I already knew your hair was naturally curly. 🙂

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