Farm Town on FB

I am officially addicted to farming on Facebook. I knew it was getting bad when I was planning trips to the library to use their faster Internet connection (or even faster computers). Then I set my alarm for 7 o’clock this morning so I could harvest to pumpkins that were going to be ready @6:30 a.m. I knew this when I planted them, but I wanted to grow pumpkins instead of strawberries in the fenced-in patch I made. I decided not to get up bcs #1 I was too tired and #2 it was too pathetic. (Though in the back of my mind I was worried they would go to waste, and what a waste of coins!) They were still there when I logged on @10:30. *whew*

My first goal is to expand my Farm Town farm. (I’ve got the money, just need the level!) My second goal is to get to Level 23 so I can buy llamas and pretend they’re alpacas.

When does school start??



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2 responses to “Farm Town on FB

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  2. It’s all about Farmville, now, baby! 😉

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