Or so says the email all of my friends received about 2 seconds after I received AN EMAIL FROM JEN LANCASTER!

I sent Jen Lancaster an email in response to this post about her pets. I wasn’t sure it went through because the two other times I have emailed her (both because comments were closed, and one of those times she was asking where she should go on her book tour) I got an auto-reply saying she was working on her book, and even though she was sorry to send a lame-ass auto-reply, rest assured that she does read all of our email. And today she sent me a reply!


Thanks for the kind words.  All the furry people in our house are doing much better and assimilating as well as can be expected. (Except for Maisy who wonders WTF I brought home a trio of furry devils.)
Thanks for writing and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Oh, and BTW? She accepted my friend request on FB, too. Jen rocks!!!


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