Baby Blanket

Here’s Lily cuddling up to a baby blanket I’m crocheting.

She’s really good about not playing with the yarn. She has never tried to unravel them or anything.

This blanket is for no one in particular. Every year I say I’m going to make them and sell them, but it hasn’t happened yet. (I did make a few, three I think, but didn’t do anything with them.) This pattern -Lace Crochet Baby Afghan – is so easy to make, and it goes really fast. It uses a little more than three skeins of yarn; I prefer the Red Heart multi-colors. (The only one that hasn’t worked so far is the red, white and blue one – it came out in stripes.) It’s great for doing while I watch TV except that I never remember. 😉 When I do, it can take just a week to make one.

Guess I need to add “make and sell baby blankets” to my New Year’s Resolutions again next year. Maybe this time I’ll make it. 😉


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