Blizzard of 2009

The official reading for Bensalem: 11 inches.

It’s deep!

Sidewalk before…

Dad to the rescue! He brought his snowblower over (even though it was all done!) and made it better. Then he plowed the neighbor’s driveway and two houses’ sidewalks. (Unlike the THREE people I saw with snowblowers this morning *who actually live here* who did only their own house. Nice!)

Sidewalk after the snowblower. Much nicer!

My poor car

The Saturday before Christmas is when Santa comes around the neighborhood on the local volunteer fire truck. I heard one siren wail yesterday afternoon but never saw anything. (It takes hours for them to go around. And, it could’ve been for an emergency, but we don’t ever hear sirens with that…) This afternoon I head the siren, and it was close, so I threw on my boots and they were right out front! I don’t know why it’s so thrilling.

The Ladder Truck

And there it is, The Blizzard of 2009!


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