No Entiendo

I pass this house every day going to and returning from work. They built the garage last year, and it sat unfinished for the longest time. Then last summer they put an addition on the front of the house and stuccoed both buildings. It looked really nice.

And then they painted it peach.


As in coral.

It’s hideous. This is Southeastern Pennsylvania, not Florida, or the Caribbean, or even Arizona. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t understand when people do a big project like this and then muff it up at the end.

No entiendo.



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2 responses to “No Entiendo

  1. It doesn’t look too bad. Its a sandstone color, tan. Yeah, maybe a bit on the lively side for this part of the country but I have certainly seen a lot worse.

    • The photo must not be very good because this house is not tan by any stretch of the imagination. 😉 There’s another one a few miles away that is even more pink/orange. Whatever happened to blue and red? Even yellow, or white? (I do not care for any shade of brown outside or inside a house. ;-))

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