this is a random blog because that’s how i think. my brain just skips from topic to topic. ever since i was a little kid, i wish i had an “off” switch for my brain so sometimes i could just *stop*thinking*already*, especially when i was trying to fall asleep.

so these are the things i think about. i hope it’s entertaining or thought-provoking at least.

please leave comments! 😀



5 responses to “About

  1. I was peeking at your blog and thought you might be interested in a writing blog. It’s called Stories Without Words. A photo is posted everyday and visitors are asked to pen a poem, story, caption, title, essay… even a song.

    It’s only a couple of weeks old, but we’re getting a lot of traffic.

    Please pop in and feel consider contributing by writing your inspiration in the comment of whatever image or images speak to you.

    Be well… Roka


  2. blanca vega

    hi miss ungerman i went to lily’s blog then i got to yours i just wanted to see if i can talk to you plus i was laughing a lot on some of your stuff like twas the night before christmas

  3. blanca vega

    hi miss.ungerman know I know how I got on your blog it says it in lily’s blog your cat is Lucky ya know

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