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No Entiendo

I pass this house every day going to and returning from work. They built the garage last year, and it sat unfinished for the longest time. Then last summer they put an addition on the front of the house and stuccoed both buildings. It looked really nice.

And then they painted it peach.


As in coral.

It’s hideous. This is Southeastern Pennsylvania, not Florida, or the Caribbean, or even Arizona. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t understand when people do a big project like this and then muff it up at the end.

No entiendo.



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more on Palin

Here are some articles from around the web on why Sarah Palin quit. Does it matter? Good riddance!

Why Sarah Palin Quit: The Five Best Explanations from Time magazine

Palin makes 1st public appearance in days from the AP

It Came from Wasilla in the August 2009 issue of Vanity Fair

TIME’s Interview with Exiting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin from Time magazine

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

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I love it!

Leave it to Keith Olbermann to come up with something so clever.

Her rambling speech just proves what an idiot she is, i.e., giving up is the loser’s way out, but she’s quitting. Sounds like my principal who had to retire so she wouldn’t get fired for faking evaluations and forging teacher signatures.

Though what I don’t get is why are people still talking about this like it’s new? Didn’t this happen last week? Or is this part of my “I can’t keep the days straight on summer vacation” time problem?

Has anyone else noticed Sarah Palin is a little bit cross-eyed?

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My BlackBerry tendonitis has a real name!

Turns out I am not crazy! My BlackBerry did give me tendonitis. 😉 It’s called Cell Phone Elbow, or Cellbow. But I got it from texting and not from holding the phone up to my ear. (Though the last time I talked to Sunshine on the phone, I thought my elbow was going to be stuck like that forever.) I need to find the Bluetooth headset that came with my phone in case that happens again. And, I finally figured out to use the speakerphone! (But that’s obnoxious.)

I’m just glad to know it’s something real! We’ll see if it continues to improve after school is out, otherwise I may need to go the physical therapy route. But I can’t give up my BlackBerry!

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My BlackBerry gave me tendonitis

Sounds preposterous, I know, but I can’t figure any other way. The twinges in my elbow started about a year ago (pre-BB) when I would pull my laptop out of its bag. So I made sure to not reach and lock my elbow, and to use two hands. When I tried to play volleyball at the Friday Faculty games, my usually-phenomenal serve sucked big time because my elbow hurt so much. (And it wasn’t even a real volleyball – it was lighter.)

I bought my BlackBerry in October, and used it as much as my old phone for texting and emailing. Until I realized I could do so much more on the Internet, and I loved having the full qwerty keyboard. I started using it more and more. By December my right elbow was hurting almost constantly. If I stretched for something – even to take a piece of paper from a student – I would flinch.

I decided it was time to see the doctor. He said it was tendonitis and gave me four steps for recovery: rest (don’t use it), Advil four times a day, ice it, and wear a brace. He said I’d be better in a week. (After a month, I looked it up on WebMD – they said four to five months!) Using it less only made my left elbow start hurting. Advil had no effect. Using an ice pack worked wonders, especially when I put it in the freezer at school. The brace was a disappointment. It would feel a little better, but I couldn’t leave it on very long. I tried to wear it overnight and my hand was numb in the morning. Worst of all, my arm felt worse when I took it off.

But the brace is how I figured out the BlackBerry connection. The brace has a band that wraps around the forearm just in front of the elbow, and it’s supposed to put the tendon back in place. Under the band is a little gel insert that rests right on the tendon. It feels good. When I tried texting with the brace, I felt the tendon moving as I typed with my thumbs. I just laughed. Shouldn’t I get carpal tunnel from texting, or my thumbs should hurt?

I actually think it comes from having my elbows bent so long while typing on the BB. Or, I find that when I text while leaning on a table my elbows really kill me. I’ve been careful not to lean lately, and they’ve been hurting less. Yay!

But I guess I really haven’t learned anything, because I’m blogging this on my BlackBerry. (Hey, but I want to try out the new “post by email” feature! Oh, who am I kidding, 95% of my blogs are typed on here. 😉 )

Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with SprintSpeed

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We wrote poems last week for our “Focus on Genre” study, and this is the one I composed.

Public Service Announcement
(Crackin’ Gum)

Hubba Bubba Bubblelicious
Oh, I know it’s so delicious

Chewin’ gum and blowin’ bubbles
Smackin’ away all your troubles

But please don’t chew it in my ear
I may have to knock you on your rear

Yes, have some common courtesy
And chew with your mouth closed 🙂 Merci!


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The Fall of the Roman Empire

An oldie but goodie, definitely worth repeating!!!

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Here are the most interesting parts:
… excessive indulgence and decadence by the upper class, at the expense of the state and the rest of the common people.

… changes in climate which caused a decline in agricultural production, driving up prices (ie. global warming)

… “class wars” between the rich and the poor caused much tension within the empire.

… waves of plague and disease spread through the densely populated cities, killing huge amounts of people and disrupting economic production and social stability (ie AIDS and cancer among other diseases)

… Slavery was another economic problem, with slaves doing much of the work, benefiting the upper class, while the common people were out of luck (Dorrington). Since there were few jobs for commoners, most lived in poverty (ie. illegal immigrants working for low wages)

… To top it off, the patricians in Rome imported huge amounts of luxury items from distant lands, and Rome was importing far more than it was exporting. This huge amount of money pouring out of Rome caused a large trade deficit

… Finally, huge amounts of corruption in the government bureaucracy caused much discontent among the people, as well as economic losses

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Oxymoron for the Day: Paperless Bulletin Boards

Okay, so the big thing around school this summer was the fire chief came around and said we aren’t allowed to use butcher paper on the bulletin boards because it could catch on fire.

Yes, really.

So we are supposed to get flame-retardant paper. Flame Retardant Paper. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Isn’t paper by nature FLAMMABLE?

So, I went to JoAnn’s to look at flame-resistant fabric, like for children’s sleepwear. Of all the tens of thousands of bolts of fabrics, THREE were flame resistant. And they were UG-LEEE.

So I said, “What’s the point, it’s not like the cinderblock is going to catch on fire.” Wait, at our school, after the mold and the roof and the leaks, it probably would.

But my brilliant new revelation was this: How can we put the kids’ work on the bulletin board, because that’s made of paper, too.

This may be worse than the year we weren’t going to have toilet paper.

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Oh no, I beeped at a cop…

Actually it was a Sheriff. But when he changed lanes into a left-turn lane at a light without using his turn signal, then decided to come back to the go-straight lane right as I was pulling up to be even with his bumper, and again without his turn signal, I got annoyed.

So I tapped the horn

– it barely made a sound –

and he actually WAVED to apologize.

Will wonders never cease.

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