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I’m no Jane Jetson, but…

Most days I still wish for the Jetsons’ instant hair-styler machine, but today was a pretty great hair day.

I love this haircut. I’ve had a variation of it for eight years now, though, and every so often I tell myself I need a new style. But I love it. And, it’s still current and looks good so… Why mess with perfection? 😉

My eyebrows look almost even, too. A true miracle. 😉


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Sweet Tea, I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

Philly must be posting calorie counts now like NYC – or is it all of PA, I forget? – and the Chick-Fil-A at the airport said their Sweet Tea is 0-220 calories. (Okay, how can it be zero calories if it’s Sweet Tea, unless you don’t buy one? And how can 32 oz. of corn-syrupy-goodness be only 220 calories because you know they’re not using Sweet N’ Low or even Splenda like the Diet Lemonade?) Every New Year I say I’m going to quit drinking Sweet Tea. This year I started, and then told myself I could have it every other day, and then I started making my own again at home. Not good.

It’s been easier to quit drinking root beer. But, the other day I wanted a drink with flavor so I stopped at Wawa to get one. The whole time driving toward it, I couldn’t decide – Yes, it’s okay – No, don’t do it! – until finally I arrived and turned into the parking lot. Resigned, I turned off the car and went in. The first bad sign was that I couldn’t decide what size cup to get. 22oz.? 32 oz.? 22 with only a little ice? 32 with lots? 32 oz. is only 10 cents more, but then I’d feel obligated to finish it, and that’s more sugar. 22 oz. would be just enough to taste to satisfy the craving – which really wasn’t a craving because it was all in my head that I should get something besides water or cherry Kool Aid, not that I wanted it. Seriously, this much thought over a cup of soda? And as I’m thinking all this, my hand was going back and forth between the two stacks of cups – 22, 32, 22, 32… Finally I settled on 32 oz. with lots of ice. Whew.

The second bad sign was some water (?) was dripping out of the faucet when I pushed the root beer tab so I had to hold the cup funny to #1 not get it in the cup because I didn’t know what it was and #2 not get it all over my hand. It was like filling the cup in the cave behind a waterfall. Then I tried to make sure it tasked alright because of what I (hope) assume was the carbonated mix. It mixed good – it was right – but it didn’t taste good. It tasted bad, just like the few times I’ve had Coke or Pepsi on accident over the (nine) years since I stopped drinking them. Another sip, followed by a grimace. Then a smile – I didn’t want it. All that hesitation and indecision for nothing!

I turned around to dump it out in the soda fountain, but another customer was there. I felt dumb to dump out the whole thing, anyway, and even dumber to just stand there waiting. I almost just paid for it when I saw the trash hold in the coffee kiosk and dropped the cup in. So guilty, but it was gone, and hopefully no one saw me. I walked out, root-beer-free.

Now if only quitting Sweet Tea were so easy, I’d be corn-syrup-sugar-free.

Sweet Tea, I wish I knew how to quit you.

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Why People Buy Bread, Eggs and Milk before a Snowstorm

Just kidding. 😀 Though that is the big joke, that people run out to buy the ingredients to make French Toast just because they’re going to be snowed in. Are milk, bread and eggs really the most basic staples we need? Who knows.

By the way, these are Bird’s Nests, not French Toast, and they were quite yummy – and a little more worthy of reading Julie and Julia while eating. 😉 Although I am sure they do not appear in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

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Why recycled products will never be mainstream

Seen at Office Max:

The box on the left contains twelve ballpoint pens made from 62% post-consumer recycled plastic. They are also retractable and have a clip on them. The box on the right is just regular Bic pens.

People who are gung-ho into recycling will pay 8 bucks for 12 pens, but your average Joe Schmoe will pick up the box next to it for 2. Or go find the store brand for 99 cents. 😉

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Julie and Julia!

I met Julie Powell tonight at the Free Library of Philadelphia! Funny lady. Get all the details at my blog with Sunshine – deux filles | two girls. (Since Sunshine is the one who got me to read the book, I figured I should write about it there. ;-))

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From the Dr. Oz Website: Swine Flu Prevention

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Farm Town on FB

I am officially addicted to farming on Facebook. I knew it was getting bad when I was planning trips to the library to use their faster Internet connection (or even faster computers). Then I set my alarm for 7 o’clock this morning so I could harvest to pumpkins that were going to be ready @6:30 a.m. I knew this when I planted them, but I wanted to grow pumpkins instead of strawberries in the fenced-in patch I made. I decided not to get up bcs #1 I was too tired and #2 it was too pathetic. (Though in the back of my mind I was worried they would go to waste, and what a waste of coins!) They were still there when I logged on @10:30. *whew*

My first goal is to expand my Farm Town farm. (I’ve got the money, just need the level!) My second goal is to get to Level 23 so I can buy llamas and pretend they’re alpacas.

When does school start??


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Jennifer Weiner, BFF

If Jennifer Weiner comes you your town on her book tour (or for any other reason), you MUST go see her. She is a riot! She is a great storyteller with great stories to tell she is an admitted pottymouth, tho’, and was a little mortified that there was a kid in the second row. “Earmuffs!” she kept saying to the girl’s mom.


Jennifer Weiner at the Phildelphia Free Library 7.15.09

She talked about a lot of things, including:

  • You have to spin the straw of life into the gold of fiction.
  • People who are bad don’t see themselves as bad so they don’t recognize themselves in the book. If they ask, “Is that me?” say, “Why would you think that?” 😉
  • People who write well go to law school. And then they try to slip jokes in their briefs. That doesn’t work so well.
  • Kate Gosselin’s haircut is called the reverse mullet: long in front, short in back.

Random, I know, but every time she said something witty (reverse mullet) or profound (straw into gold), I whipped out my BlackBerry to type it out in a note. (Hey, usually I bring paper, but I’ve gone high tech.)

Then she read to us from her new book, Best Friends Forever. She lamented over how to cover looks like a douche commercial (“Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?”) and how the one girl looks like she’s picking a wedgie. Like I said, funny lady. The book is good, too!

After her book talk, we went upstairs to get her autograph.  The line was way long, mostly because I had insisted we sit near the stage in the auditorium which meant we were one of the last to get out, oh well! When we ginally got to the front of the line, we were talking about Facebook and how to changethe privacy settings so people can’t read your statuses or wall posts.  She overheard us and said, “HOW DO YOU DO THAT!” I got a little flustered as I had done it only twice before (sorry, aunties), and I had been planning to ask her if she had any advice for finding a literary agent. She was most thankful to find out you can block people (though why accept them in the first place?), and as we left we joked that I could email her my question and say, “Remember, I’m the one who helped you with your Facebook settings?” 😉 

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more on Palin

Here are some articles from around the web on why Sarah Palin quit. Does it matter? Good riddance!

Why Sarah Palin Quit: The Five Best Explanations from Time magazine

Palin makes 1st public appearance in days from the AP

It Came from Wasilla in the August 2009 issue of Vanity Fair

TIME’s Interview with Exiting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin from Time magazine

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

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I love it!

Leave it to Keith Olbermann to come up with something so clever.

Her rambling speech just proves what an idiot she is, i.e., giving up is the loser’s way out, but she’s quitting. Sounds like my principal who had to retire so she wouldn’t get fired for faking evaluations and forging teacher signatures.

Though what I don’t get is why are people still talking about this like it’s new? Didn’t this happen last week? Or is this part of my “I can’t keep the days straight on summer vacation” time problem?

Has anyone else noticed Sarah Palin is a little bit cross-eyed?

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