Project 365

Take Two: 2011
So I didn’t make it very far when I tried this last year. Let’s try again. 🙂

Day 1: Out with the Old, In with the New, 01.01.11

Day 2: Are you ready for your close-up?, 01.02.11

Day 3: Obscene Ice Cubes, 01.03.11

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6: I’m no Jane Jetson, but…, 01.06.11

Day 7: Snow Falling on Civic, 01.07.11

Day 8: Snow, snow and more snow, 01.08.11

Day 9: Sunset 01.06.11, 01.09.11

Day 10:

Day 11: Looks like snow…, 01.11.11

Day 12: And even more snow, 01.12.11

I suppose this could be any kind of 365 day-long project, but I’m choosing to upload a picture and write about it each day. I love photography, and have become one of those annoying people who take lots of pictures with their cell phone. (I heart my BlackBerry. :-)) Instead of posting all the entries here, I’m making it a category, and I will add links to the posts on this page. (Wow, that’s gonna be long…) Enjoy!

Day 1: Xenophobia
Day 2: Clouds
Day 3: Julie and Julia!
Day 4: The Dinner Guest
Day 5: Why recycled products will never be mainstream
Day 6: Baby Blanket
Day 7: Evolution of a Blizzard

11.27.10 So that didn’t work out too well… Maybe we’ll try it again next year! 😉


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